Friday, January 4, 2008

Restaurant review: Cindi's N.Y. Deli

Located on the west side of Central Expy between Forest and Royal, right next to the Casket Store - seriously. Bakery, big breakfast menu, and deli.

This place was packed for lunch on New Year's Eve. I'm pretty sure we saw actual New Yorkers there. You learn to spot these things. Cindi's is really a diner rather than a deli, kind of like the Seinfeld diner in Harlem or numerous Greek-owned diners in Jersey.

But this one had something that I've never seen in a diner before: live music behind the counter. Right there behind the baked goods. Classic.

The parking places would be adequate if we were all driving Mini Coopers and carpooling. Alas, the parking was inadequate. If there were a rush on caskets nobody would be able to get in there.

The club sandwhich satisfied, and my 3 year old couldn't stop eating the mounds of French toast they brought him - and this from the kid's menu. It was a little pricey (maybe that's the NY part), but not too bad. We got some bagels to go and they're pretty good. Family friendly. Merits a return trip. Two thumbs up.

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