Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pollsters can't be right all of the time...

...but sometimes they can all be wrong. Still a strong showing by Obama. Not so much for Edwards. There's still momentum for Barack going into South Carolina.

The CSPAN coverage was much better last night, just showing uninterrupted candidate speeches. After watching several speeches I have these observations and ruminations:

* Ron Paul alternately makes sense (foreign policy) and freaks me out a little (gold standard, nanny state rhetoric).

* Obama and Edwards have the ability to inspire folks to share in a new vision of America. Clinton has a strong and disciplined campaign, but doesn't stir anything in me when she speaks. And yes, I do think that matters in the current polarized political climate.

* Edwards had the best music (Mellencamp and Springsteen). McCain used the theme from Rocky. I kind of like John McCain as an independent spirit, but Rocky? You can do better.

* Wondering how Edwards will fare in S. Carolina. If he can't do well there, is he playing for second place? He would be a really strong VP candidate.

* Was that the guy from Desperate Housewives behind Edwards last night in the Steelworkers t-shirt? Yes it was.

* I may be turning into a political junkie. Healthy interest in the future of our country or need to get a life? I'll say it's the former.

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