Tuesday, January 8, 2008

NH: Big turnout in Democratic primary

It appears that in some towns, the Democrats are actually concerned about running out of ballots. This means all those independent New Hampshire voters are breaking Democratic. Hopefully this points to another Obama win, as Obamania sweeps the nation.

On the Republican side, how long until Giuliani drops out of the race? He doesn't appeal to the Republican base, and he doesn't appeal to anyone that wants to look to the future. Of all the candidates, Rudy is running on the past (President of 9/11) rather than the future. In a time when all the campaigns are touting their candidates as change agents, this doesn't position him well.

I think it's also just a matter of time before the Ron Paul campaign goes the independent route. His supporters are so enthusiastic (if not as numerous as they think they are), I can't imagine him quitting if/when he doesn't get the Republican nod.

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