Friday, January 25, 2008

Cold wet quick hits/misses


Whole Foods does away with the plastic bag. We've been using the reusable bags for a few months now and they're great (when you can remember to bring them in the store). We've really cut down on the number of 1-use bags we throw in the recycling bin.

Businesses are moving from the 'burbs back into downtown. The thing about North Texas suburbs: there's no there there. Downtown is still gaining momentum. Hope it can continue through an economic downturn.

Barack Obama's MLK speech in Atlanta. Just wow.

Baylor 116, Texas A&M 110 5OT. Could the Bears be for real this year? It's looking good so far.


The Great Ice Storm of 2008. Looks a lot like rain to me.

Jeb Hensarling, my fearless congressman, was quoted in the New York Times (very end of the article). Apparently poor Jeb is too ideologically pure to get on board with the bipartisan stimulus package. He wants tax cuts for businesses rather than money in the hands of people who will spend it. I'd like to let Jeb in on a little secret, if there's no demand for your goods and services you will lay people off whether you get a tax cut or not. If there is demand for your goods and services you will invest capital whether you get a tax cut or not. End of lesson.

Kucinich exits Democratic primary. Dennis, we never really knew you. Keep up the good fight!

Evil developers knocked down the 100 year old McKinney Ave Baptist Church, also known affectionately as the Hard Rock Cafe Dallas, demonstrating once again the value Dallas places on its past. Can't wait for the WaMu to open on the site. Or if we're really lucky maybe it will be a CVS. Dare to dream.

Ticketmaster doesn't want me to have good seats for Springsteen (and I logged on the minute those suckers went on sale) so I ain't goin'.


Anonymous said...

thats bull...that place was going to be knocked down soon or later

Brian said...

I suppose that with the Landmark Commission's refusal to designate the building as a landmark and the short-sightedness of the developer you may be right.

Regardless, it was still the wrong thing to do.

Anonymous said...

who can name the 10 criteria for designating a building a historic landmark? the old hard rock site did not meet the minimum standard of qualifying for at least three of those criteria. why is everyone pissed at the developer when the building did not qualify for designation of historical landmark status?

Brian said...

Methinks someone is spoiling for a fight. Anonymous, if that is your real screen name, you have latched on to 4 sentences in my blog in an entry that was about a dozen different topics.

We disagree. Let. it. go. The building is gone.