Monday, March 3, 2008

Pajama Caucus

We're getting ready for step two of the Texas Two-Step in the FV household. Will attend the caucus at a nearby elementary school with kids in tow (probably in jammies). I'm really excited to get to participate in this way in choosing the nominee. It was just a few months ago I was grousing about how my vote wouldn't matter, and here we are with Texas as a crucial primary for the Democrats.

(Caucus is a funny word. Caucusing just looks wrong when you type it. Just an observation.)

At this point the campaign is turning increasingly negative and I think we need tomorrow night to be the last primary of import before somebody drops out. With the Republicans beginning to rally around McCain (or at least rally against The New York Times), the Dems can't afford to still be duking it out.

As far as I'm concerned, whoever is behind in the delegate count after tomorrow's contests needs to recieve all kinds of pressure to get out of the race for the good of the party and the nominee.

But 'til then, look out for Curious George slippers and dinosaur jammies at a primacaucus near you.

Si se puede.


Kevin said...

I am impressed and admire your interest and dedication to the entire process as well as your willingness to share it with others. While we may sit on different sides of the political fence we share the grass that runs underneath, wanting a healthy, secure future for our families and a respectful, collaborative relationship with the greater world.

Please share your thoughts on the caucus experience. And if anything is said that warrants it, tell George to say, "That doesn't make any sense."

Brian said...

Thanks Kev. I will post an update tonight or tomorrow on our experience.

I realized that my desire for tomorrow to be the last important primary is pretty selfish, seeing as how I was angry when I thought it would be all over by now! :) I guess if the contest keeps going that allows other people to have their voices heard.

I just hope it doesn't cause the candidates to get too beat up in the process. Right now all McCain has to do is sit back and watch his challengers tear each other down.

Kevin said...

Your desire is focused around wanting to head into the convention with a solid direction. Selfish or not, 2nd place should take a step back for the betterment of the party.

Having said that, in the name of "there is no such thing as negative press", what's been in the news the last several weeks? McCain is buried by the dems and this exciting race. While the GOP is helped by having a clear front runner, this Dem race creates a news machine that just won't quit. What hurts, as you said, is the negative campaigning.

Personally I'm ready to move on to the campain for the general election. I want to start seeing the issues play out on the greater stage. But, that's just me being selfish ;)

Dare you to show up to the caucus tonight in adult footed PJs.