Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Early voting done

FV did his civic duty this morning and moseyed down to the Records Building to cast a ballot for Obama. It was fairly busy for early voting. There was a short but growing line. I heard several people ask for Democratic ballots but none asking for Republican ballots. Wife of FV heard the opposite at the early polling location closer to Lake Highlands. I read somewhere that Dems are outpacing Reps by 3 to 1 (which makes sense considering the Republican nomination is all but locked up).

And I got a thin strip of yellow paper saying that I had voted and was therefore eligible to attend the caucus in my precinct next week. That's step two of the Texas 2-step, which will help choose 1/3 of the Democratic delegates. The Dallas Morning News added a third step in their editorial the other day, which I think is appropriate: write your party officials and tell them to simplify the process.

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