Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One week later, Texas called for Obama

I’d like to apologize to the rest of the nation on behalf of my home state. Apparently Texas Democrats have trouble not only with organization but with counting. But it appears that Sen. Obama actually won the most delegates in Texas according to CNN. And does that not mean that “Obama won Texas?”

Unfortunately because we didn’t have timely reporting of our caucus results (which in this day and age is ridiculous), the media and the public will remember last Tuesday as a victory for Sen. Clinton which gave her campaign the momentum to keep going. That momentum would have been seriously blunted if Texas had just called in their precinct caucus results to the party HQ on election night.

With Obama’s win in Mississippi, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Clinton will not be able to catch Obama in the pledged delegate count, even if the Florida delegation is seated as is. So her only hope is to have the superdelegates to overturn the will of the voters.

By the way, Florida and Michigan simply can’t be seated as is since the voters in those states did not believe their votes would count at the time. Therefore there was very little motivation for them to go to the polls. And of course Clinton was the only candidate on the Michigan ballot. I’m OK with a revote to allow their voice to be heard, but only if the DNC and both campaigns agree to the process (which may be a tall order). The simpler solution is to split the delegates 50/50 and save the money and energy for the general election.

In six long weeks we will see what the people of Pennsylvania have to say and hope that both the candidates are not too badly damaged and the party is not too badly fractured at that point.

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