Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Clinton stops Obama's big mo'

The momentum has been halted. No way anybody's getting out of this race anytime soon. I think Obama will maintain his delegate lead. He'll actually probably win the most delegates in Texas due to the odd delegate rules, but that's a Pyrrhic victory. It's echos of 2000 with Gore winning the popular vote but losing in the electoral college.

(An aside: When is our democracy going to allow the people to directly elect its leaders? Why must we have surrogates vote for us? It benefits my candidate this time, but it seems not so, how shall we say, democratic.)

Well, this just means that several more states will get to have their voices heard. I just hope the party isn't completely fractured by the time we're done.

On to the next contest, which has no Presidential implications, but has lots of bracketology implications: Beat the hell outta Texas A&M!

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