Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Uneventful early voting

I strolled over the Records Building downtown to cast my ballot early today. It was my first time to vote early. Pretty convenient actually, as I didn't have to be in my voting precinct or do it on a particular day.

Traffic was light but people were coming and going with regularity, probably due to the centrality and convenience of being downtown.

The fellow who greeted me was playing a killer game of computer solitaire, but he was happy to interrupt it to take care of me.

This was also my first encounter with the touch screen ballot, which was weird. In my precinct you color in your bubbles and then feed it into an optical scanner which counts your vote and then locks away the paper trail. Today I received no hard copy confirmation. I hit the vote button and my vote just went into the ether. Seems like a bad idea, but there it is. It still felt good to vote "For" (not "yes" or "no" despite all the signage) Prop 1.

The only downside to voting early: now I have to wait until November 6 for the results. I'll forget which way I voted on judge retirement and the inspector of skins and animals by then.

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