Thursday, October 4, 2007

He Schutze he scores

Jim Schutze has an excellent post today about the Trinity River project. Apparently the people aren't buying what the politicos are selling out in the town hall meetings. And there are some e-mails vowing vengeance on the anti-toll road activists (Ron Kirk's e-mail grammar is atrocious). I could quote the whole post - why not just go there and read it for yourself. But this description of the Dallas Morning News (regarding yesterday's propaganda piece by Bruce Tomaso) is so spot on I have to quote it here:

The Trinity River debate is proving my long-held conviction. The Dallas Morning News can take any kind of propaganda dry-out pledge it wants, join any 12-step program it can find for recovering information abusers. Doesn’t matter. Next time it strolls by the Oligarchy Saloon, catches a whiff of that spilled Insider Brew, hears a few strains from the Old Boy jukebox, it’s gonna fall off the wagon again and start crankin’ out the bullshit again.
Poor old thang. It just can’t do no better.

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