Thursday, October 11, 2007

NAFTA trucks - welcome to Dallas

Here's another reason big business and their bought and paid for politicians are all lining up to pave the Trinity: the route is needed to carry truck traffic from the "inland port" thingy they are building in S. Dallas. That's right, big old smelly dirty loud tire-tread-shooting tailgating polluting 18 wheelers will be rumbling through Dallas' signature park. So much for the argument that this reliever route will help our pollution problem.

It seems to me that most cities would want that kind of traffic to go around the city and not right up through the middle of it. So now I'm against any alignment of this road that goes through Dallas at all, on Industrial Boulevard or elsewhere. We need polluting trucks rumbling through the middle of Dallas like we need a collective hole in the head.

It seems to me I read somewhere that my former City Councilman Bill Blaydes had recently admitted that truck traffic from the inland port was going to come through on this road (can't find it though). And now we have the Trinity pavers VoteNo being financed by a trucking company.

This gets more interesting every day.

(Incidentally, do you think the Fake Steve Jobs might have a problem with Dallas calling their inland port the IIPOD?)

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