Friday, October 19, 2007

Trinity Friday Wrap Up

Lots of ink and pixels have been spilled this week on the Trinity toll road referendum and the cast of characters involved in shaping the debate.

The must reads are the two background stories. Jim Schutze writes about the last ten years that he has been reporting on this story and how Angela Hunt made this crusade her own in his feature piece for the Observer. And Eric Celeste of D Magazine has a great cover story mostly involving Laura Miller, Angela Hunt, and Jim Schutze in the years leading up to this moment. The headlines describe this as a Gunfight and a War, respectively. Isn't that nice?

Lots going on in the blogosphere, too. Too much to summarize. Suffice it to say that dallasblog has published a couple of poorly thought out guest columns about why the city will dry up and blow away (I'm stealing this phrase from Jeff Siegel at the Advocate blog - thanks Jeff!) if we don't get a toll road in our flood control system. Sam Merton has written another good column for dallasblog about the NTTA's true dollar commitment to this project (note to Tom Leppert - it's not $1 billion). He also cracks a nut that should be obvious - this road is very expensive because it is being built in a floodway ($1.3B and climbing for nine miles of road). Leppert et al would have you believe it is cheaper because the land is free.

And Jim Schutze and Steve Blow had a nasty tiff in blog land. It is comprised of several posts, but this is the memorable one if only for the headline.

Finally, the Dallas Morning News published a hatchet job on Schutze attempting to paint him as a wacky conspiracy theorist. And the managing editor described him as looney and a polemicist. Sounds like you're getting to them Jim.

Busy week in media land. I'm ready to head to the polls for the real action.

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