Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Prediction time

I normally don't like to do this but it feels like shooting fish in a barrel at this point: Sen. Clinton will win Indiana. Sen. Obama will win North Carolina, albeit by a smaller margin than he needs to claim a decisive win, and will continue to run out the clock on Clinton through the remaining primaries in a rather uninspiring fashion.

Superdelegates will stick their fingers in the air and see that to override the pledged delegate count would be lunacy on a grand scale, and the majority of them will declare for Obama. After the superdelegates are all declared there will be some kind of compromise worked out to "seat" Florida and Michigan without allowing them to alter the outcome and we will have our nominee sometime in June.

And we can stop the Hillary Clinton deathwatch, pick a VP, and have several months to take on McCain.

Can you tell I'm tired of the primaries? Well, here's something completely different: The Morning News reported on a Rasmussen poll this morning showing Sen. John Cornyn beating Rick Noriega 47 to 43. That's a Republican incumbent in May polling less than 50% in a bright red state. Watch your back Cornyn. Texas might have an early retirement plan in mind for you. And now the big announcement: FV is today officially declaring for Rick Noriega for United States Senate!

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Big Tex said...

Noriega's going to be an excellent candidate for us in the fall, in my opinion. The fact that he's doing as well as he is, despite being at a significant disadvantage against Cornyn in terms of cash on hand and name recognition, bodes well for us as people begin to turn their focus away from the presidential nomination battle later on, and learn more about who Noriega is and what he stands for.

As far as the Obama/Clinton battle is concerned, I think it will be over in a couple of weeks. At least, I hope it will be...