Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lost in Austin again

Had a nice little weekend in Austin-town. I am reminded that while I may be considered a tree hugging socialist in Dallas for having an Obama sticker on my V-dub, I look like a prep school yuppie in Austin, even in my Birks.

You need to experience the Austin Motel on S. Congress folks. "So near, yet so far out." It has loud A/C units, but is comfortable, clean, basic, and right in the middle of all that S. Congress has to offer. (And with thematic rooms to boot.)

Watch out for bats.

Shout out to Kim and Jason for their hospitality. ¡Salud!


Kevin L. Richardson said...

Did you try Homeslice Pizza?

Great little NY style pizza place, great staff...cool hangout.

Brian said...

We were very close to Homeslice. Got a picture of it as that was the name of little brother's band in high school. But alas we did not dine there. Next time!