Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Closing the deal

That's what we saw last night. Obama closed the deal with a 13 or 14 point win in North Carolina and a squeaker of a loss in Indiana. Now I think Hillary stays in for two reasons: to save face a bit and come away with a couple more wins, and to avoid embarrassing her party's nominee by allowing him to potentially lose a primary or two after she's dropped out.

They were still talking about how unbeatable a joint ticket would be on the Diane Rehm Show this morning. I actually think it could happen except for the fact that I don't think Obama wants a former president second guessing him from the Naval Observatory. That's got to be an even bigger weight than the ego bruising that's been going on.

We shall see. But this primary is pretty much over folks.

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Big Tex said...

If you had asked me in early January, I would have been probably been able to accept the idea of Hillary being Obama's running mate, though even then I would have preferred someone else. But after the way that she's run her campaign, and especially the remarks that she's made about how McCain is ready to be commander-in-chief but Obama's not, I think it would be a huge mistake for him to pick her as his running mate. I just get this mental picture of some of the stuff she's said being used in October attack ads.

He can do a lot better, even if he has to pick someone who's palatable to the Clintons in order to try and unify the party. Blanche Lincoln would be a good pick - she's a Clinton supporter and a blue dog Dem, and having her on the ticket could turn Arkansas blue in November. Plus, the governor of her state is a Democrat, so her temporary replacement in the Senate would be a Democrat as well.