Monday, December 3, 2007

Kudos to DART

The trains weren't running on time this morning. But this time it was different. In the past when there have been problems with the rail system in morning rush hour, there are typically dozens of confused passengers standing around wondering what's going on, wondering why the message board doesn't work and why they can't understand the guy on the loudspeaker.

At White Rock Station this morning there was virtually no one waiting at the station, and there was a DART employee in bright yellow reflective vest who approached me and let me know about the problem at Cityplace and that there was bus service between Mockingbird and downtown for affected passengers. I drove in, but I didn't have to wait around and wonder what was going on and see a packed train pass by before I headed for my car.

Good job DART. Between this and the increased security at the park and rides and the commitment to order more bike lockers, I'd say this transit agency is trying to be customer service oriented. Now if they can keep the power lines from going down in the first place...

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