Thursday, December 13, 2007

DMN takes advice of Filibuster Vigilantly

Someone's listening. The Morning News did an above-the-fold front page story - a well-reported one at that - on the evolution debate that is ensuing at the TEA. It does not give me good vibes though. The board is chaired by Perry appointee Don McLeroy who thinks that his version of religion has a place in the science classroom.

Specifically the new tactic of the flat earth folks is to "show both sides of the evolution debate." They want our science teachers to poke holes in the theory that underpins biology science. Pardon me, I am not a scientist, but isn't this a little like showing both sides of the debate that the Holocaust occurred? "Showing both sides" sounds so fair doesn't it? Don't let the fair sounding words fool you.

The board needs to listen to the scientists from Texas' leading institutions of higher education, who issued a statement earlier in the week stressing the importance of evolution education.

They should also listen to these folks: Christian clergy in support of teaching evolution. The rector of my old parish in New Jersey is a signator (and I see here that my current priest is as well - bravo). Science and religion need not be at odds here.

And they should listen to Chris Comer, the science curriculum director who was forced to resign due to her support for evolution education:
"Any science teacher worth their salt that has any background in biology will tell you there is no controversy," said Ms. Comer, a mother of two grown children. "It is time for America to grow up."

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