Friday, December 14, 2007

The homeless downtown

I'll admit it doesn't take much, but Jim Schutze's column this week had me a little misty-eyed on the train Wednesday evening. He explores the complex problem of homelessness in downtown Dallas. I see some of these folks every day, and sometimes I say hello and sometimes I buy a Street Zine, but mostly they are the forgotten of our city. Just go read it.

Rev. Clifford at First Presbyterian, whose church stepped in the breach to provide sanctuary at night to the homeless population, is truly doing God's work.

Clifford is clear why he believes the church must take that step: "They have to have someplace to go," he said. "They have been our congregation for 32 years at the Stewpot," the church's soup kitchen mission.

"We are called to serve them. They are the least of these in our community, and Jesus has taken up residence with them, according to the gospel, and he is to be found in their midst. We exist to serve Christ, and according to Matthew 25, that's where Christ is, so we serve them."

Thanks for reminding us, Dr. Clifford.

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