Monday, October 13, 2008

Lake Highlands Obama yard signs kidnapped

Some tool swiped a bunch of Obama yard signs in Lake Highlands - either last night or this morning. It appears that only Obama signs were taken. Other Democratic signs were in their proper place.

OK, this was probably some stupid kid, so I'll not try to read too much into this. But a few points:
1. Isn't the Republican party the party of law and order? Don't they get PO'd when someone takes their stuff (think tax policy)?
2. It's hard for me to think that it's merely a coincidence that this happened shortly after the character attack on Obama began. These accusations and insinuations give people tacit approval to do and think some pretty horrible stuff, as witnessed by the hate speech at the McCain-Palin rallies. Swiping my yard sign isn't hate speech and it may be a petty crime, but it is still a crime. And it is not how we are supposed to do democracy.
3. Those whippersnappers better stay off my lawn!

The FV family is contemplating a homemade sign to replace our stolen one. If we do so I'll throw a picture of it up here.


Wendy said...

Hi Brian. The same thing happened to our Obama sign on Sunday night. It looks like they were stolen all over our neighborhood. We live in Moss Farm. It's just sorriness. And I don't necessarily think it was kids.

Brian said...

Sorry to hear you were victimized as well, Wendy. You may be right, and I realize now that my post may have been an insult to stupid kids. Sorry about that.

Wishing it were election day today...

Kevin L. Richardson said...

Sounds like the work of simple idiots who haven't taken the time or made the efforts to engage in the process...but I'm not sure it's the work of "the Republicans."

Thank you my friends.