Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Notes from loser-town

My thoughts last night were this: Dallas hasn’t changed; we’re still rooting for Goliath (RIP Molly Ivins). I think that’s true in some respects, but I really do believe that the city is changing for the better. Looking at the precinct results, I’d say the cool people live in East Dallas. Props to them and to Angela Hunt and all the Prop 1 supporters who ran this campaign and elevated this issue.

A few people were quoted in the DMN as saying that the petitioners wasted $2M of taxpayer money to have this election. That’s not very gracious of them – just be happy you won. 91,000 people signed the petitions to get this on the ballot and give the city a chance to decide if we really want this. I was hopeful but now we know – the city wants a highway in its floodway. If you want to talk about wasting taxpayer money, let’s talk about the $1.3B (and rising) road you want to build.

Schutze is munching sour grapes this morning. I think he’s right: This project is too dumb to build. But they’ll try like mad to do it.

If this road does get built, they might as well scrap the park. You won’t be able to get to it and once you’re there you’ll be situated next to a truck route. And one day – it may be decades from now – but one day we’ll be ripping that sucker out of there and wondering “what were we thinking?”

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