Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hope for rebirth in Ft. Worth

Writer Katie Sherrod gives us a good sense of what life is like for faithful Episcopalians in the Diocese of Fort Worth, where she makes her home. I highlighted earlier the diocese's convention which would consider the first reading of a constitutional change to disaffiliate from the Episcopal Church (it takes two annual votes for a constitutional change to take place).

This all stems from women's ordination, which has never been allowed or recognized in Ft. Worth, as well as TEC's welcoming stance toward gays and lesbians. Having a female Presiding Bishop (sort of the pastor in chief for The Episcopal Church) seems to be the last straw. Fort Worth seems to be moving to affiliate with the Province of the Southern Cone. (Follow the link; you won't be disappointed.)

Well, the amendment passed and now we wait. It won't be an easy journey for those who choose to remain Episcopalian in FW. From Katie's post:

So now we enter a time of terrible uncertainty, a time when pressures will increase exponentially on those few clergy who ain't leaving, and on lay people who are trying to understand all the ramifications of what their leadership is telling them.

In a sad way, I guess I'm glad we've finally reached this point. Maybe once the flames of all Bp. Iker's and his followers rage has burned out, and all the court cases are settled, those of us Episcopalians left can start over.

A new diocese will rise from these ashes. But getting from here to there is going to be a long hard painful journey.

I pray God will give us the strength, wisdom, and fortitude to overcome our history and create a new healthy place where all people can grow in God's love and grace.

Please pray for us.

Prayers for you and for the Church, Katie. May our national leadership have the wisdom to respond quickly and appropriately - and to help the remaining Episcopalians in Ft. Worth regain some certainty and a path forward.

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