Monday, August 27, 2007

Late summer doldrums and Bush crony resignations

I guess we can't blame Al Gonzalez for waiting until the week before Labor Day to resign. Like Karl Rove two weeks ago, it sort of gives the impression of leaving on one's own terms, because everybody who was criticizing them is currently on vacation, as are the news consuming public. Well, good to be rid of them whether or not there is a media circus and chorus in Washington waving goodbye. Now our justice department can perhaps start to heal from the damage inflicted by the partisan crony of Mr. Bush. Remember, Mr. President, the new AG will have to be confirmed by the very body that Mr. Gonzalez had been fibbing to. Let's try to get someone who will put the American people above the Republican party this time.

(If Dick Cheney resigns this week it will be a trifecta hat trick grand slam summer. Don't hold your breath.)

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