Thursday, August 23, 2007

'Kid Nation' - CBS exploits children for your entertainment

This is disgusting. I don’t really have any other words for it. CBS should be prosecuted for child endangerment and child labor. The parents were accomplices. A description of the contract signed by parents and children from the NYT article:

The 22-page agreement leaves little room for parents to argue that they did not know what their children might encounter. As is standard in such agreements, the parents and the children agreed not to hold the producers and CBS responsible if their children died or were injured, if they received inadequate medical care, or if their housing was unsafe and caused injury.

But while such agreements might be standard for adult participants in a reality show, it also takes on a different tone when the minor and the parent are being held solely responsible for any “emotional distress, illness, sexually transmitted diseases, H.I.V. and pregnancy” that might occur if the child “chooses to enter into an intimate relationship of any nature with another participant or any other person.”

Morning Edition did a story on this as well, and stated that the studio classified the set as a “summer camp” rather than a television production in order to get around some state laws.

God save us from ourselves!

Update Friday: The LA Times reports that the New Mexico attorney general is launching an investigation into possible violations. Child advocates are also encouraging the states where the children reside to look into possible truancy violations. Whether laws were broken or not, doesn't this seem wrong to anyone at CBS? Anyone over there have a moral compass?

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