Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Democrats, not bargaining chips

Go to huffingtonpost and read this great column by Clinton supporter Hilary Rosen. She has it exactly right. Clinton missed her chance last night to end this primary with some grace. And now she's trying to use her supporters as some kind of bargaining chip for who knows what.

Senator Clinton's speech last night was a justifiably proud recitation of her accomplishments over the course of this campaign, but it did not end right. She didn't do what she should have done. As hard and as painful as it might have been, she should have conceded, congratulated, endorsed and committed to Barack Obama.

As I have some friends and family who have supported Sen. Clinton, I have tried not to be too critical of her or her candidacy. But she needs to stop. Both sides have made some gaffes. Unfortunately her gaffes are going to be used by the Republicans in general election ads against Obama.

Concede the election and get in line behind our nominee, Senator Clinton. The primaries are over and it is time to step aside and turn our focus on winning the White House.

Update Thursday: Obviously I'm pleased and relieved that Clinton plans to suspend her campaign on Saturday. Better late than never. Hopefully her supporters will feel welcomed into the Obama tent. Time heals all wounds and we have plenty of time between now and November.

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