Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hug a tree today

For your Earth Day reading pleasure, I offer the following:

The Transportation Department will make an announcement today that they have a plan to enact the law passed last year raising fuel economy standards for cars and trucks. Does it concern anyone that it merits an announcement that the executive branch will comply with the law?

Paul Krugman scares the pants off of anyone remotely concerned about commodity prices, overpopulation, and the sea change that is already underway. This is gloomy stuff, but it is important to understand what we're going through.

On a more hopeful note, Michael Pollan makes me want to plant a vegetable garden. This is a good read, and speaks to the problem that our individual actions seem to pale in comparison to the magnitude of challenge of climate change. But there are actions we can take to help make viral shifts in the way folks think and live.

Happy Earth Day!

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